XOXS Hybrid Stable Coin

What is XOXS?

Get XOXS Here: https://xoxlabs.io/stable-coin

XOXS is a hybrid multi-chain stable coin that serves a critical role in the XOX Labs Ecosystem. It has been designed to function as a staking substitute for the XOX governance token, and its primary aim is to prevent supply inflation and selling pressure. The development of XOXS has been the result of months of intensive study on staking mechanisms, chart behavior, high annual percentage yields (APYs) followed by high selling pressure from stakers, and passive income strategies generated by implementing rewards in popular stable coins like USDT and USDC.

It is worth mentioning that XOXS is multi-chain, and it can be earned on different blockchains like BSC and ETH at present, with plans to gradually add more blockchains to this list.

There are several crucial pieces of information that users should know about XOXS:

  • XOXS can only be acquired by first purchasing the XOX native token on the XOX/USDT - XOX/USDC pairs, after which XOXS is received as a bonus, with no additional cost.

  • Additionally, it offers an auto-staking functionality with a flexible APY.

  • XOXS can be earned through giveaways, private sale investments, finishing tasks, community activities, and other similar activities.

Importantly, XOXS allows users to earn passive income through staking without any risks to either the holders or the project's long-term sustainability. Its value proposition lies in its ability to serve as a stable coin that provides a reliable store of value while also enabling users to earn passive income through staking. By providing an alternative to traditional staking mechanisms, XOXS is set to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and create new opportunities for users to generate income in a stable and secure manner

More functionalities and use cases will be added to XOXS gradually since is still in its early stages of development. Stay updated to learn more about it by following our socials.

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