Limitless Liquidity at the Best Rates

Please note that the XOX DEX V2 is currently in development and is set to revolutionize how decentralized exchanges work. Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that the platform is packed with cutting-edge features and capabilities that will elevate your trading experience to the next level.

While we know that you are eager to get your hands on this amazing platform, please note that it is not yet ready for testing or use. However, we promise to keep you updated on every development and launch date announcement through our social media channels.

Stay tuned to our socials and be the first to experience the game-changing features of XOX DEX V2!


Why limit yourself to a single DEX when you can access all the DEXs at once? XOX DEX V2 sources the most capital efficient liquidity from across 60+ chains & 150+ DEXs, enabling traders to get the best rates for their trade. XOX DEX V2 also provides an API for integrators to query the best rates directly from their app. With XOX DEX V2, everyone can access limitless liquidity at the best rates.

​XOX DEX V2 provides a superior decentralized trading experience by enabling users to swap tokens in a secure and seamless manner across multiple blockchains. Our platform is designed to ensure that your transactions are fast, simple, and secure, without ever compromising your wallet access or personal information. Our intuitive interface offers users a comprehensive set of tools such as live charts, token information, transaction history, technical analysis tools, asset links, and community feedback, empowering you to make informed trading decisions. With access to over 150 AMMs built on more than 60 blockchains, you can enjoy a diverse and comprehensive trading experience, making multi-chain decentralized Defi trading effortless.

Please visit Supported Chains, DEXs, & Aggregators to view all the liquidity sources being connected by XOX DEX V2.

XOX DEX V2 Features

Accessibility is paramount to the success of any DeFi protocol, and XOX DEX V2 is designed with that in mind. Our platform provides all the necessary tools and applications in a single multi-purpose interface, thereby making trades more efficient and less time-consuming. With XOX DEX V2, users gain access to:

XOX DEX V2 will continue to implement new features taking into consideration community requests and feedback as well as crypto market trends and innovations. XOX Dex V2 is and will always be a "Product Under Development" for the XOX Labs Team.

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