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While XOX Labs is dedicated to building a cutting-edge cross-chain protocol for DeFi, we also know how to have some fun. Lotteries have been a popular pastime for millions of people around the world, as the thrill of the possibility of striking it rich is simply too irresistible. Yes, it's a game of chance that can be both thrilling and dangerous, but that's exactly what makes it so addictive. And now, we are excited to announce the XOX DEX V1 Lottery, where users have the chance to win massive XOX Token prizes! So come and join us for a wild ride full of excitement, anticipation, and of course, the possibility of hitting the jackpot!

Winnings That Grow With The Protocol

Most lottery systems are funded by the players, then the lucky winners share the prizes. Rather than simply redistributing tokens amongst our valuable community members, XOX Lottery V1 takes a different approach whereby 0.5% of the total Transaction tax (10%) on the XOX Token is used to fund the Lottery Pool.

Lottery draws are conducted every 3 days with 0.5% of the total tax (10%) in our governance token added to the lottery pool each day for lucky players to win it all at once. The bigger the volume, the bigger the prizes - it's that simple.

What are you waiting for? Join the game and see if lady luck is on your side. It's time to take a chance and play the game with the XOX Lottery V1! In addition to the transaction tax, the prizes for each lottery round also come from these sources:

  • Ticket Purchases: 100% of the XOX invested by players buying tickets on each round goes back into the prize pool for players to win.

  • Rollover Prizes From Previous Draws: After the completion of every round, if no players win one of the prize brackets, the unclaimed XOX for that bracket rolls over into the next round and is redistributed among the prize pools for players to win.

The 0.5% from transaction taxes used to giveaway through Lottery Draws is first used to Buy XOX from our liquidity pools, which will create volume and buying pressure in the chart. Then the XOX tokens bought are put into the Prize Pools for players to win. A true win-win situation for both the XOX Holders and Lottery Players.

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