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We kindly ask our valued community to note that the XOX Listing Site is currently undergoing early-stage development, which means that the information shared in this document is subject to change or modification at any time. To stay informed and up-to-date with every new development and announcement, we recommend that you follow our social media accounts. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


At XOX Labs, we're driven by a vision to bring millions of people into the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) through the development of a cutting-edge multichain coin listing and ranking site. Our goal is to create a new revenue stream for the XOX Labs ecosystem, with rewards distributed to token holders, liquidity providers, and referrals, as well as to support ongoing development efforts.

But our site won't just be about generating profits. It will also be a vital resource for the broader DeFi community, providing comprehensive data and insights about tokens, blockchains, decentralized applications, and more. With this multifaceted approach, we aim to serve the needs of both our community and the wider DeFi ecosystem, all while driving the adoption of decentralized technologies and promoting financial sovereignty for all.

Site Functionalities & Capabilities

  • Free Multi-Chain Token Listing: The XOX Listing Site allows any project, no matter the size, to apply for a free listing. This promotes decentralization and allows for a wider variety of tokens to be featured.

  • Token Data Gathering: The site will provide data on all listed tokens, including market cap, trading volume, price, and more. This information will be useful for investors and traders looking to make informed decisions.

  • Fair Ranking System: The XOX Labs team will implement a fair ranking system to ensure that listed tokens are ranked based on merit and not favoritism or manipulation. This system will consider various factors such as trading volume, community engagement, and token performance.

  • Crypto Hub & Social Platform: The site will also serve as a hub for all things crypto, with news, educational content, and a social platform for the community to interact and discuss various topics related to the space.

  • In-built Multi-Chain Exchange: The site will feature an in-built decentralized exchange (DEX) that will allow users to trade listed tokens directly from the site. This will provide a convenient and secure way for users to buy and sell tokens.

  • Community Airdrops: The XOX Labs team will periodically conduct airdrops of listed tokens to XOX token holders and active members of the community as a way to promote the platform and incentivize engagement.

  • Community Giveaways: The platform will also host various giveaways and contests for the community to participate in and win prizes.

  • Learning Hub: The site will feature an extensive learning hub with educational content on various topics related to crypto, such as blockchain technology, tokenomics, trading strategies, and more.

  • Charting & Technical Analysis Tools: The site will provide advanced charting and technical analysis tools for users to analyze token performance and make informed trading decisions.

  • Smart Contract Scanners to provide security-related data on every token: The platform will scan and provide security-related data on every listed token's smart contract, including contract address, code analysis, and more, to ensure that users can invest safely and securely.

  • Blockchain-Related News: The site will feature up-to-date news on blockchain-related topics, including new token releases, major partnerships, and regulatory changes.

  • Community Vlog: The site will also feature a community vlog where members can share their thoughts and experiences related to the platform and the broader crypto space.

  • NFT Stats: The platform will provide data and analysis on various NFT projects, including market trends, top sales, and more.

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