Facilitating Trustless Swaps


The XOX DEX V1 is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and aggregator that enables users to seamlessly swap between tokens without having to rely on any intermediaries. Swaps are routed through XOX DEX V1 pools as well as pools on UniSwap and PancakeSwap in order to source the most favourable rates. Liquidity providers also stand to benefit by providing liquidity and yield farming on XOX DEX V1 pools.

Built on the principles of "Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto", XOX Dev V1 ensures that traders have complete control over their funds at all times. By leveraging on the latest decentralized technology stack, XOX DEX V1 facilitates pseudonymous swaps directly from a trader's wallet thereby eliminating the need for the collection of any personal identifiable data.

Users just need to connect their Web3 wallet to the XOX dapp to enjoy access to an unlimited amount of trading pairs. Liquidity providers (i.e. Market Makers) are able to add liquidity towards whitelisted pools therefore deepening liquidity for traders while earning a cut of the trading fees. With XOX DEX V1, users can confidently execute token swaps while maintaining the utmost privacy and security of their assets.

Liquidity provision and yield farming are popular ways to earn passive income in the XOX Labs Ecosystem. As a liquidity provider, you earn a portion of the transaction fees generated by the pool, and as a yield farmer, you earn additional rewards in the form of native tokens. It's important to note that liquidity provision and yield farming involve risks, including impermanent loss and market volatility, so it's essential to do your own research and understand the risks before participating

XOX DEV V1 currently supports swaps between any ERC20 tokens on the following chains:

  • Ethereum (ChainID: 1)

  • BNB Chain (ChainID: 56)

Swap without any protocol fees

XOX DEX V1 is free to use, which means that trades via the DEX do not incur any protocol fees.

Get XOXS tokens via the XOX DEX V1

Traders interested in acquiring XOXS, the native token of the XOX DEX, can purchase them exclusively via the XOX-USDT and XOX-USDC trading pools on XOX DEV V1. Alternative options for acquiring XOXS will be introduced with the upcoming XOX DEX V2.

The upcoming release of XOX DEX V2 is set to introduce additional ways to acquire XOXS, further expanding the options available to users. The XOX team is committed to providing a secure and innovative platform that supports the growth and adoption of decentralized finance, and the upcoming release of XOX DEX V2 is a testament to this commitment.

Please refer to <> for further information regarding the XOXS Hybrid Stablecoin.

Yield Farming Rewards Distribution

LF Distribution

10% Total XOX Supply

Each chain: (ETH & BSC)

Each pair:


10 years




1 year




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