📣XOX Gamified Referral Program

Refer, Level Up, Claim & Earn


XOX Labs enables our users to grow together with our platform via our innovative and gamified multi-chain referral program. At XOX Labs, we understand the importance of passive income and have made it our priority to provide our users with an interactive and user-friendly way to generate income. Simply share your unique profile code with other users or your community and start earning instant USDT/USDC rewards for trades via the following pools:



Everyone stands to benefit from the XOX referral program. In addition to referrer rewards, users of referral codes will also be able to share in the referral rewards therefore making it a win-win situation.

Our fully decentralized platform ensures your privacy and security as you only need to connect your wallet to use the dapp. No personal information, passwords, or funds are held or saved, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for our users.

The XOX Gamified Referral Program is currently supported on the following chains:

  • Ethereum (ChainID: 1)

  • BSC (ChainID: 56)

As the XOX ecosystem expands, the referral program will likewise expand to support multiple chains as well as new and improved referral mechanisms.

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