📊XOX Portfolio Manager

All Your Assets Tracked


At XOX Labs, we understand that keeping track of all your favourite tokens in a multi-chain world can be extremely resource intensive. In an effort to save our users time as well as reduce the manual overhead required to manage a portfolio of tokens, XOX Labs has developed the XOX Portfolio Manager. With the XOX Portfolio Manager, users can conveniently view all of their token holdings across multiple chains within a single platform. All that is required is a Web3 wallet, no sign-ups and no accounts required.

By aggregating information across multiple networks, the XOX Portfolio Manager provides users with a comprehensive overview of their digital assets which includes:

  • Total Combined Value: An overview of a wallet's total combined value, enabling them to see the total value of their multi-chain assets in one place.

  • Detailed Token Information: Detailed information on each specific token or coin held in each wallet, including its value, market cap, and transaction history.

  • Asset Performance: Token performance data which encompasses assets chart, volume, market cap, and percentage change in different timeframes.

  • Transaction History: A detailed view of asset-related activities based on the user's transaction history across all chains.

  • Direct Token Purchase: Convenient access to token swaps directly from the platform which encourages informed purchasing decisions.

  • Customizable Display Options: A range of customizable options that allow users to tailor the display and performance metrics to their specific needs.

The XOX Portfolio Manager is in constant development, with new features being added based on community requests and market trends, ensuring users have access to the latest and most innovative tools to manage their digital assets. Underlying this development is a commitment towards ensuring users will always maintain complete control over their funds and can manage them in a secure and private manner.

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