XOX Labs Team

Scaling the Unscalable.

Our team comprises of experienced and accomplished professionals, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge DeFi solutions and supporting the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies. Our mission and vision are centered on establishing a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem with diverse revenue streams across multiple leading blockchains.

  1. Livan G.M - Chief Operating Officer (CEO)

  2. Zayn - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

  3. Marcos - Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

  4. Edward - Lead Designer

  5. Kane Nguyen - Project manager

  6. Victor Luu - Smart Contract Developer

  7. Lily - Marketing & Media

  8. Kien Dao - Smart Contract Developer

  9. Stella Le - Designer

  10. Linh Nguyen - Designer

  11. Mei To - Business Analyst

  12. Thanh Nguyen - Lead Frontend developer

  13. Warren Vu - Frontend Developer

  14. Canh Nguyen - Frontend Developer

  15. Son Hoang - Frontend Developer

  16. Duc Tran - Frontend Developer

  17. Duong Do - Lead Backend Developer

  18. David Pham - Backend Developer

  19. Lucie Ha - Lead Quality Control

  20. Marrie Vu - Quality Control

  21. Thao Le - Quality Control

  22. Manh Nguyen - Operation Developer


  1. Hung Tran (Ken): BDM at Kyber Network & Strategic Advisor For XOX Labs.

  2. Nicky Chabali: Advisor BD and Ecosystem Growth Description: In crypto since 2017. Previously responsible for Growth and Ecosystem Development at NEAR Foundation. Currently leading partnerships at Neon Labs, the entity behind the development of Neon EVM, the first and only EVM on Solana.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to our valued investors, dedicated moderators, and committed marketing and development partners, who have been instrumental in driving our project's success. We recognize and appreciate the significant contributions you have made toward our project's growth and evolution. Your unwavering support and commitment to our shared vision have been invaluable, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you. Thank you for being an integral part of the XOX Labs ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration as we strive towards greater heights.

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