Instantly Swap At Market Rates


XOX DEX V1 provides traders with instantaneous liquidity for their swaps. Traders can easily swap between an unlimited amount of token pairs via the XOX DEX V1 interface.

For your convenience, the guide below walks a user through a swap on the XOX DEX V1 interface. Users also have the option to view this guide as a video which is provided above.

Immediately Swap With Instantaneous Liquidity

Step 1: Access the swap page

Users can navigate directly to the swap page by entering the XOX dapp via the "Launch App" button on the top right of the XOX Home Page.

Step 2: Select tokens to swap

From the swap page, traders are able to specify the token pairs for swaps by selecting the token helper in the UI. Users can select from a list of whitelisted tokens or search via the token contract address.

Step 3: Enter token amount

Upon selecting a token pair for the swap, traders can then enter an input token amount. This can be done by manually inputting an amount or by using the percentage amount helpers which will automatically select a fixed proportion of the tokens available in the connected wallet.

Once the input token amount has been entered, the swap UI will automatically calculate and display the estimated token out amount.

Protecting your trades with slippage tolerance

As a safeguard against any front/back-running attacks, XOX DEX V1 enables traders to configure a slippage tolerance amount above which trades will be failed. This ensures that traders do not receive any unexpected surprises when their trades are ewxecuted.

Please refer to Protect Your Trades With Advanced Configurations for further information.

Step 4: Add Referral Code (Optional)

To give back to the XOX Labs community, traders are also able to specify a referral code when conducting a swap via the XOX DEX V1. This can be inputted in the Referral Code field right above the swap button.

Please refer to Gamified Referral Program for further information on XOX Lab's Referral Program.

Step 5: Confirm the swap

To proceed with the swap, select the "Swap" button which will then bring up the swap preview for your confirmation.

Before confirming your swap, do take note of the swap information provided to ensure that there are no unexpected outcomes. The swap preview displays the following informaiton for your review:

  • Input token: The token that you are swapping from as well as the amount that will be deducted from your wallet for the swap.

  • Output token: The token that you will receive as well as the estimated tokens that will be sent to your wallet.

  • Slippage Tolerance: The percentage difference between the estimated token amount and final token amount above which the transaction will be reverted. Please refer to Configure Swap Parameters for further information on how to protect your trades.

  • Price: The estimated average price at which your swap will be executed. You can toggle between the token prices by selecting the arrow icon.

  • Minimum Received: The minimum amount of output token received below which the transaction will not be executed.

  • Price Impact: The change in price that occurs due to the size of the trade relative to the available liquidity.

  • Liquidity Provider Fee: The fee paid to the liquidity provider for enabling the trader to swap instantly against their funds.

Upon confirming the swap, you will then be prompted to sign the transaction in the connected wallet.

Step 6: Add token to wallet (Optional)

In the notification that appears after submitting a transaction, XOX DEX V1 also provides users the option to add their favourite tokens to their preferred wallets. This ensures that the user will be able to view the newly purchased tokens directly in their wallet.

Step 7: View transaction

Users will be able to view their recent transactions by selecting the history icon the the swap page. This will display all of the user's recent transactions which the user can then explore in further detail in the respective blockchain scanners.

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