XOX Multi-Chain Launchpad Revenue Model


Although it is still too early to provide specific numbers, the XOX Multi-Chain Launchpad will undoubtedly provide an additional revenue stream for the XOX Labs decentralized ecosystem. Our revenue-sharing model will ensure that everyone involved in the platform's success will benefit, including stakers, liquidity providers, referrals, buyback and burn, development, and the XOX Labs Treasury. We are confident that this model, which is similar to our XOX Dex V2, will help us create a sustainable and profitable platform.

To help guide our development efforts, we have conducted an extensive market analysis of six of the most successful launchpads in the industry. By analyzing this data, we can identify areas where we can improve, develop, and refine the XOX Launchpad to provide a superior user experience and ultimately achieve greater success.

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