APIs That Save Your Users Money. Get the Best Rates In Defi


XOX Labs is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of on and off-chain APIs designed to empower DEXs and wallets. Our APIs are specifically designed to help these platforms identify the most favorable rates for each transaction. Leveraging advanced algorithms, XOX Labs' APIs scan every aggregator on the supported chains, as well as hundreds of DEX pools, in order to obtain the best rates and optimal route for each transaction. Rest assured that with XOX Labs' APIs, your DEX or wallet will be well-equipped to offer its users the most competitive rates and optimal trading experience.

API Capabilities

XOX Dex V2 API offers advanced API functionalities that enable the fetching of asset balances, fees, and liquidity-pool information to create the most efficient transaction for each trade. Additionally, the API offers various trade options for traders to choose from.

  • Routing API: Our cutting-edge Routing API is designed to find the best route for each transaction across every supported blockchain by utilizing over 20+ Aggregators, 150+ DEXs, and cross-chain bridges. The Routing API provides traders with input and output amounts, fees, trade paths, and the expected time for each transaction, ensuring maximum efficiency.

  • Transactions API: Our Transactions API performs a thorough check of preconditions and balances, fee availability, and creates transactions for all types of blockchains, Dex Aggregators, DEXs, and bridges. Our API also offers seamless tracking of all transactions, ensuring that users can easily monitor and keep track of their trades.

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