Platform Fees & Distribution


XOX DEX V2 offers an extremely competitive flat fee of 0.1% on all successful orders, which is significantly lower than the current industry average (arguably around 0.10%-0.20% and as high as 0.8%).

The revenue generated is distributed to the wider XOX based on the following allocation:

  • 50% Sent to the XOX Labs Treasury

  • 20% Gasless Fund

  • 10% XOX Stakers

  • 10% Used to Buy Back & Burn XOX Tokens

  • 10% Reward for Referral Users

Allocation Reasoning

The priority of the XOX Labs project's revenue allocation is to be well-diversified and thoughtful, with a great mix of priorities that focus on a diverse mix of stakeholders. As such, the reason behind each of the allocation amounts are detailed below:

  1. 50% sent to the XOX Labs Treasury: This allocation is larger as it provides funding for the project's ongoing operations, which will ensure that the platform remains sustainable and viable in the long term.

  2. 20% allocated to the Gasless Fund: This allocation is dedicated to the Gasless Fund, which helps alleviate transaction costs for users by subsidizing gas fees. It aims to enhance the user experience and promote accessibility within the platform.

  3. 10% distributed among XOX Token Stakers: This is our way to incentivize XOX token holders to hold onto their tokens and contribute to the stability of the protocol. This also provides an incentive for new users to invest in XOX tokens.

  4. 10% used to buy back & burn XOX Tokens: This allocation will boost the value of XOX tokens by reducing the circulating supply, which is beneficial for both the token holders and the project's overall market capitalization.

  5. 10% reward for referral users: Providing rewards for referring new users to the platform is a great way to encourage growth and expand the user base, which is essential for the long-term success of any project.

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