Make Your Tokens Work For You


XOX DEX V1 enables liquidity providers to generate yield by automatically utilizing contributed funds towards market making. Liquidity providers therefore earn trading fees for every swap that utilizes their tokens for the swap.

For your convenience, the guide below walks a user through contributing liquidity on the XOX DEX V1 interface. Users also have the option to view this guide as a video which is provided above.

Earn Yield By Providing Liquidity

Step 1: Access the liquidity page

Users can navigate directly to the liquidity provision page by entering the XOX dapp via the "Liquidity" option in the navigation bar on the XOX Home Page.

Step 2: View existing positions, if any

Upon accessing the liquidity page, users will be able to view any existing positions. Any newly created positions will be displayed in this page. If this is your first time accessing the XOX dapp, you can skip this step and proceed to create your first position.

Step 3: Select tokens to provide

Selecting the "Add Liquidity" button will bring up the liquidity helper where you can then select the tokens to be provided. Click on the token to bring up the token helper where you can select from a list of whitelisted tokens.

For the purpose of this guide, we will stick to the XOX-USDT pair. To proceed with the liquidity provision, select the "Add Liquidity" button.

Step 4: Enter token amount

You will then be prompted to enter a token amount ot contribute to the liquidity pool. Do note that the token contribution ratio is determined by the current pool and hence by inputting a token amount for either token, the required amount for the other token is automatically calculated.

The token amounts can be manually inputed by entering a number or by using the percentage amount helpers which will automatically select a fixed proportion of the tokens available in the connected wallet.

Step 5: Confirm liquidity provision

Once you're happy with the token amounts, you can then proceed to supply the tokens by clicking on the "Supply" button which will bring up the liquidity contribution preview for your review.

The supply preview will provide key liquidity provision data for your review. Please take the time to review the liquidity provision parameters to ensure that everything is in place. This include the following swap parameters:

  • LP Token Amount: The amount of pool tokens which you will receive for providing the stated amount of tokens. The LP token represents your share of liquidity contributed to the pool and enables you to claim your share at any time.

  • Tokens Deposited: The amount of tokens which will be taken from your wallet to create the liquidity provision position.

  • Rates: The estimated rate (i.e. ratio) of the tokens being provided to the liquidity pool. Note that liquidity contribution ratios are dependent on the current pool price.

  • Share Of Pool: The proportion of liquidity which you are contributing towards the token pool.

Once you have reviewed all the details, you can then proceed with supplying liquidity by selecting the "Confirm Supply" button. You will then be prompted to sign the transaction in the connected wallet.

Step 6: Add token to wallet (Optional)

In the notification that appears after submitting a transaction, XOX DEX V1 also provides users the option to add their LP tokens to their preferred wallets. This ensures that the user will be able to view their positions directly in their wallet.

Step 7: View position

By navigating back to the liquidity page, you will now be able to view your newly created position.

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