Using Referral Codes


XOX Labs enables our users to grow together with our platform via our referral program. By using a referral code, not only does the referrer get a share of the rewards but you will also be eligible for a portion of the rewards. The XOX Referral Program creates a win-win situation by ensuring that all partied involved are able to benefit from the growth of the XOX ecosystem.

For your convenience, the guide below walks a user through using a referral code on the XOX dapp interface. Users also have the option to view this guide as a video which is provided above.

Swapping Using A Referral Code

Step 1: Get a referral code

To participate in the referral program, you will first need to get a referral code from any one of our dedicated XOX community members. Do keep a lookout on all of XOX's social channels as that's where all the latets announcements and happenings will be taking place. Alternatively, you can also proceed if you got a referral code directly from one of your amazing friends.

Step 2: Access the swap page

Users can navigate directly to the swap page by entering the XOX dapp via the "Launch App" button on the top right of the XOX Home Page.

Step 3: Input the referral code

In the swap interface, you will be able to see a "Referral Code" field once you have selected the tokens and entered an amount for the swap. You can paste the copied referral code into the relevant field and that's it!

Please refer to Instantly Swap At Market Rates if you require a step-by-step walkthrough of how to swap on XOX.

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