Claim Referral Rewards


XOX Labs enables our users to grow together with our platform via our referral program. Once you have shared your referral code, rewards will automatically accrue to your account. Based on the number of points which you have collected, you will be eligible to claim various rewards.

For your convenience, the guide below walks a user through claiming a reward on the XOX dapp interface. Users also have the option to view this guide as a video which is provided above.

Claim your referral rewards

Step 1: Access the referral page

Users can navigate to the referral page by entering the XOX dapp via the "Referral" option in the navigation bar on the XOX Home Page.

Step 2: View total points and eligible rewards

By scrolling down, you will be able to see the amount of accumulated points which is located right below the leaderboard. Additionally, based on your current total points, the eligible rewards will also be highlighted to the right of the page.

Step 3: Select referral reward

You can select the reward to be claimed by clicking on the relevant reward.

Step 4: Confirm claiming of reward

Clicking on a specific reward will bring up the claim reward preview which display the rewards that you will receive upon confirming the claim. You will then be prompted to sign the transaction in the connected wallet.

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